Celia Cruz and Friends

Throughout her career, Celia welcomed every opportunity to lend her voice in support of charities worldwide.


“Cruz is undisputably the best known and most influential female figure in the history of
Cuban music.”

Leila Cobo, Billboard Magazine

“Qué bueno que la obra de amor que mi hermana Celia Cruz comenzó hace tantos años continúe dando frutos y pueda ayudar a tanta gente. Por favor apoyen a esta noble causa.”

Cristina Saralegui

“Understanding the historical musical legacy that Celia Cruz pioneered, in my opinion cannot
be fully explained without also realizing the kind of humanitarian that she was and the love and
warmth she reflected on and off the stage to everyone around her.”

Jon Secada

“Celia Cruz siempre dijo presente para ayudar donde quiera que fuera. Entre sus obras de amor,
Celia también entrego su talento a mi fundación. Hoy debemos seguir su memoria apoyando a las causas benificas que ella siempre llevó cerca de su corazon.”

Willy Chirino

“I feel very fortunate to have called Celia Cruz my friend. She was an inspiration not only as
an artist but as a woman and a remarkable human being.”

Gloria Estefan

“Celia was an absolute pillar as a human being and one of the most unselfish humanitarians I have
ever met and am sure I will ever have known .”

Marc Anthony

“Hay pocos artistas que han tenido y siguen teniendo un impacto a nivel global en nuestra música y nuestra cultura como lo hizo Celia Cruz. La Fundación Celia Cruz se trata de esto y el apoyo a la misma no solo asiste en este sentido, sino también es el vehículo para apoyar a las nuevas estrellas de nuestra música. “

Victor Manuelle

I had the honor and pleasure of photographing Celia for twelve years. I’ll never forget her smile and her amazing energy. The biggest thing about Celia is that she never knew how great she truly was. She always made me feel so proud to be Cuban.”

-Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte

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